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Rupa Chachra

rative roots Organic Neem Oil - Wonderful experience

Somebody suggested me to use Neem Oil on hair for control of  hair-fall and dandruff that I suffered for a long time. I bought a bottle of Neem Oil from Native Roots and tried it. A lot has changed by now ..... clearly dandruff is gone and dryness of hair is reduced a lot. More interesting is that this oil is so pure and virgin that you can feel the micro grains of the seed suspended in oil. Its a great product. I recommend this to be used for hair-fall, dandruff and dryness control and bring back natural lustre and health to your precious hair.

Vijay Prakash Singh

native roots - Natural Clay Pots : again connecting roots..

Once I saw natural clay Lunch Box and water tumbler, I couldn't resist buying it from native roots. My real experience started next day when I poured water into it and kept on my office table. My colleagues were all curious to know about it; I felt so good to own it from the beginning. Half an hour later when I drank the water from this natural clay tumbler, it was so cool and had the freshness of earthly fragrance dissolved in water that I felt like I was sitting in a serene garden and enjoying a glassful of satisfaction. The feelings itself was so relaxing that momentarily my stress was offloaded. When I opened my natural clay Lunch Box, surprise was waiting for me. I found the vegetable curry and Dal a bit cold; started wondering how to get it warm. I called up a friend from native roots and found out that all these containers are microwavable; WOWoooooooooooooo........... I jumped with joy with this new finding. With warm food and a thick set Dahi (believe me the container had soaked the water in Dahi and made it a buttery, thick and earthly flavoured) I enjoyed my food so much... it was like going back in time to my life in native place......... years.......  years.